Members Only Pages

AGMC members enjoy access to special pages on the website that are only available to current paid members. Included in this area are:

  • Most recent copy of News Nuggets.
  • Archived historical copies of News Nuggets
  • Some family friendly field trip notes to public locations
  • The Lapidary Studio schedule
  • Other members documents
  • Link to renew your membership online

Unlike the past where we had a single account and password for everyone, you now have to self register your own email and password to gain access to the Members Only area. PLEASE - if you are NOT a current paid member, do not register for the Members Only area. We validate requests manually through our current membership list.

All online accounts expire on midnight December 31 of the current year.

For more information about the Members Only online accounts, please check out our FAQs here: Frequently Asked Questions concerning registering for the Members Only area.

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