You might be a rockhound if...

(With appologies to Jeff Foxworthy)
  • Your chisel hand is covered with scar tissue and your hammer hand has blisters.
  • One eye is constantly squinting as if looking thru a magnifier.
  • Your face is scarred from walking into things while searching the ground looking for rocks.
  • The sign on the side of the highway says "Falling Rock" and you pull over to look.
  • You can pronounce the word "molybdenite" correctly on the first try.
  • You think the primary function of road cuts is for easy mineral collecting.
  • Rockpile in your garage is taller than you are.
  • The local university’s geology department requests permission to hold field trips in your back yard.
  • Your spouse has ever had to ask you to move flats of rocks out of the tub so she could take a bath.
  • Your children are named Rocky, Jewel, and Beryl.
  • You were the only member of the group who spent their time looking at cathedral walls through a pocket magnifier during your trip to Europe.
  • The polished slab on your bola tie is six inches in diameter.
  • Your employer has asked you not to bring any more rocks to the office until they have time to reinforce the floor.
  • You care more about what happened to the diamond in the movie "Titanic" than the people.
  • First on your Christmas List is to attend the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.
  • You’ve spent more than $20 for a book about rocks.

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