Here you will find answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions concerning registering for the Members Only area.

  1. What do I have to do to register? You need to self-register your email account, provide a password and the basic information that is found on the Membership Application. Once you do this, a message is sent to the email address entered with a link to validate the email. This prevents someone else from using your email address to register. Once you have this message, copy the Code in the message and click on one of the links. Enter your email and password and the Code on the page that came up and hit submit. At that time an email will be sent to have your account verified that you are a paid member. This last is a manual process so it is not instantaneous. For more details on the registration process click here.
  2. I have validated my email address, but when I login to the Members Only area it says "Your membership status is pending verification. Please check back later." What does that mean? This is the manual portion of the process refered to above. After you validate your email address, a message is sent to the Membership Director indicating you have registered. They then look at their records to verify that your membership is current (remember memberships expire on December 31 each year). Depending on what is going on, they may be on a field trip or something else and can not get to the computer immediately. Please be patient.
  3. I have validated my email address, but when I login to the Members Only area it says "Your membership status is inactive." What does that mean? It means that according to the Membership Director's records your membership is not current, in other words they haven't received your dues for the current year. Note that they only check the Club's P.O. Box a few times a month. Once they receive your dues they will change your status so you have access. If you feel this is in error, please contact the Membership Director.
  4. I think I have validated my email address, but when I click on the link in the email again and try to login it won't accept my password. Once you have validated your email address, you don't need to use that email link again - it is a one time use. You can delete it from your inbox. Now you want to go to the website and click on the Members Only link on the upper right corner and enter your email & password from there.
  5. I used to have access but now it is saying my account is inactive. Automatically all accounts, except those who are Lifetime members, are made inactive at midnight on December 31st. Like a magazine subscription, if you don't want to loose access, you need to pay your annual dues prior to the end of the year.

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