Lapidary Studio

The AGMC (Albuquerque Gem & Mineral Club) has a lapidary studio that is available to members located within the NM Museum of Natural History at 1801 Mountain Rd NW.

Three times a year the AGMC puts on a mandatory 3 hour class for anyone who wishes to use the AGMC Lapidary studio, regardless of prior experience. Because the studio is located in a state facility, we are regulated by state rules and policies. Instructors will go over all the rules, regulations and safety procedures established for use of the Lapidary Studio. Students will also be given an overview of the lapidary process that takes a stone from a cut slab to a polished cabochon. No equipment time is provided in this course, it is all lecture. At the end of the lecture a short exam is given to evaluate students comprehension of the materials. A $5.00 registration fee is charged to cover handout materials. Classes are held in February, June or July, and October.

Pre-registration is required and the best way to get registered is at the general meeting the month prior to the training.

Upon successful completion of the introductory course, students that want to continue and use the Lapidary Studio must complete the remainder of the eligibility requirements as explained in the course.

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